San Telmo
Smack-Dab in San Sebastian's Old Quarter

San Telmo

In the year 2011, the San Telmo Museum, located in the heart of San Sebastian, reopened its doors to the public after a heavy remodel. Bokado Group took over the museum bar, going back to the philosophy focused on a miniature-cuisine based menu.

Bokado San Telmo was also created with the intent of developing a gastro-cultural space where R+D is at the forefront. Making the most of the location, a stop-off point on 31 de Agosto street and parallel to the new promenade, we offer the restaurant's philosophy, with a more casual and informal style, ideal for sharing a bite to eat during the obligatory visit to San Sebastian's old quarter. It also has great capacity for group dinners with a prior reservation.

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"We seek to infuse traditional flavours into the tastes of today with sincerity, accuracy, imagination and a cosmopolitan aesthetic. The idea is to broaden the delight of the culinary experience, enjoying more with the best, rejuvenating appetites and making all senses participate - in all senses of the word - in the pleasure of eating good food..."

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BOKADO is a company who has spent its life focused on haute cuisine.

Created in san sebastian (1996), a city where we are all aware of the importance and transcendence of cuisine, this project's managers are pioneers and determined drivers behind miniature cuisine.

THE GROUP is specialised in managing and carrying out all kinds of events, weddings or restaurants in alternative haute cuisine, with its own spaces and possible hired spaces to hold these kinds of events.

A well-established logistical department and a constant belief in a decided r+d+i policy means that we can face the most demanding and avant-garde challenges, making permanent improvement the core tool behind our company philosophy.